SafeRails, for Safer City Centre Cycling

Improving city cycling safety

 28-03-'17      A lot of progress has been made at the freshly founded SafeRails B.V. The team has been on the road throughout the country having meeting with production partners, (bio-based) material suppliers, railing companies and municipalities! Everything to make city cycling safer for you!

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 22-01-'17      In January, SafeRails has won the student prize in the Hague Innovator Contest 2017. With the acquired capital, we will focus on our Research & Development track in the upcoming period. We are investigating opportunities for prototype production with different industry experts and hope to acquire an interesting partnership in the near future.


The SafeRails is an idea, still under development. With the platform of The Hague Innovators, we aim give this idea a kickstart. It is not a proven concept yet, but with participating in this contest, we hope to find the resources and knowledge to realise SafeRails©. Currently we are still in design phase and we are still open for ideas for improvement and for discussion


Which cyclist isn’t familiar with the problem, the threat of getting stuck in the tramrails when you are cycling through town? Maybe you even know somebody who crashed or had a near-miss? And why did nobody tackle this issue yet?

SafeRails focusses on developing a profile which can be implemented in existing tramrails’ gutters. The profile will support a parallel cycling bicycle wheel, however it will also let a tram wheel pas without hindrance by deforming elastically. The key-element in this innovation is its simplicity which makes it easy to produce in large lengths. 


How does the SafeRails work?

Due to the elastic and geometric properties of the product, the profile will compress with a passing tram. However, the SafeRail is engineered in such a way that it will support a bicycle wheel without any trouble!

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SafeRails has been nominated for the Impact City - The Hague Innovators final. A total of 70 submissions have been evaluated and the jury expressed its enthusiasm about SafeRails. First target, check!

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