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What is SafeRails?

Which cyclist isn’t familiar with the problem, the threat of getting stuck in tramrails when you are cycling through town? Maybe you even know somebody who crashed or had a near-miss? And why did nobody tackle this issue yet? SafeRails focusses on developing a profile which can be implemented in existing tramrails’ gutters. The profile will support a parallel cycling bicycle wheel, however it will also let a tram wheel pas without hindrance by deforming elastically. The key-element in this innovation is its simplicity which makes it easy to produce large lengths.

What is SafeRails?

Technical Innovation

How does SafeRails work? Due to the technical properties of the product, the profile will elastically deform when a tram passes. However, SafeRails will be engineered in such a way that it will support a bicycle wheel without any trouble. Key to these properties is a well balanced geometric design and extensive knowledge on material behavior. Currently SafeRails focusses on its prototyping phase in which different concepts are evaluated. Main challenges include wear and tear, costs, installation and compatibility. SafeRails is exploring possibilities for (Co-)Extrusion, use of bio-plastics and adhesive materials. Whilst enough challenges ask for innovative thinking, the concept proves great potential for future development.

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Engineering Students

SafeRails is developed for the Dutch streetcar track infracture, but it is aimed to have a universally implementable profile. Click the link below to learn more on the developing traject (you will be redirected to YouTube)

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